Classification Essay Writing

Help with Writing Classification Papers

Education is a continuous never ending process. Although you study according to a syllabus, you will be required to explore and research further to document elements which may not be necessarily included in your curriculum. One of the most effective ways for students to research wide and document the connection between different elements is through a classification essay.

Just as its name suggests, a classification essay is a documentation of a large category which is subsequently broken down into its subcategories. The write will classify everything accordingly and document the connection between all the categories. For example, in biology, the kingdom of animals can be classified into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, etc. Mammals can also be sub-grouped into primates and the like.

Although this type of essay can be used to document obvious classifications, most scholars use it to show a link between different elements which are not so obvious to the examiner. In fact, most students use it to surprise examiners on things that they already do not know about.

There are two main ways you can approach your classification paper:

Mentioning the classes and subcategories and subsequently exploring them individually

Mention a subcategory as you explore it.

The second approach is the most commonly used since it can help the writers easily achieve a good flow with their texts. Even readers find it easy to read such styles since every sub-category is explained immediately it is mentioned. However, not all readers are limited to this style. Others prefer the former since it mentions the subcategories before explaining them. Therefore, the reader is already informed on the main topics before reading the text.

Since a classification essay is unique, there are several rules you need to apply if you want good grades in your paper. Here are some crucial pointers in writing an excellent classification paper:

Explain the Connection and Differences Accordingly

Some students unfortunately make a mistake of just explaining the categories and subcategories without writing how they are connected to each other. Each connection and difference should be thoroughly explained. The reader should eventually be able to tell how the categories are connected to each other and the differences between the sub-categories. Usually, this can be achieved by writing 2-3 sentences in each classification to explain this phenomenon.

Prepare an Outline According To the Classifications

You should know how to format your outline according to the classifications you have in your essay. All the classes should not be listed using the same format. An indentation should be used to show the subdivision of a class into its respective subcategories. All the subcategories should be indented different compared to the main categories.

Give Examples of Each Classification

Do not answer the prompts by only listing the characteristics of each sub-group. After explaining the features, similarities and differences with other sub-groups, make sure that you mention relevant examples. Each classification should be accompanied by a relevant sample which you can further explore its features. That’s how easy it is to get good grades in your paper.