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Help with Writing Psychology Research Papers

We are happy to introduce this article for you, it includes some good tips on writing psychology research papers, valuable insights and ideas on thesis statement building, topic research and on how to write introduction and conclusion parts. Yes, writing is hard, yes, writing takes much time and efforts, but we will do our best for you to make this process a bit easier and your research more focused at your primary goal – creation of an outstanding academic paper that your tutor will love.

Topics for research papers

Psychology is an academic discipline that studies human behavior and mental processes. It has its own research methods and analysis of the data. Psychology paper topics might be based upon the following:

Research methods in psychology

The history of psychology

Clinical and biological psychology

Cognitive and comparative

Educational and school

Evolutionary, positive, social, etc.

What is your task as a writer?

Tell the reader about a new theory or idea

Explain the importance of the experiment

Make complex things simple to understand for an unprepared audience

Deliver the knowledge and these grounded by the facts and research

Writing is a psychology paper is different from writing in other subjects. It often contain lots of referencing to other scholar works, it is precise and dense; every word should be literary read. As a rule the sources are never directly quoted, the ideas and findings are distilled and the words a rarely repeated too.

What are the types of psychology papers?

Research renewals and applications

Grant proposals

Research and review articles


How psychologists use evidence

Your conclusions should rely on data

Avoid relying on people’s opinions

Cite opinions only as a starting point

Opinions are not accepted as evidence

These four facts are really must-know if you want to write a good research paper on any psychology topic and support your thesis statement correctly. Thesis statement is what you should write in the paper’s introduction and this is where you should clear state you point of view on the topic. It shouldn’t be to general, it should be specific and add a unique value to the scholar community and be interesting to your audience.

What sources should you use?

90% of all sources are empirical reports published in journals

From time to time literature reviews or books can be sited too

Secondary data reports are good for citing as well

Primary sources a good

Avoid citing blogs and site to which anybody can contribute (e.g. Wikipedia)

Proofread and edit your research paper

You should know that proofreading is very important to create a really good psychology paper, because you need to correct all the possible spelling and grammar errors, which are unacceptable. Your professor will considerably reduce your mark if the paper is full typos and errors. You should spend time to trip the script up. Grammar and spelling is one of the categories of the research paper rubric, keep this in mind too.